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Fragrance Review - 3 Body Mists/Perfumes I've Purchased Recently

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to talking about fragrances that I've added to my collection in the past few months. Let's get into it!

  1. Pink Palm by Good Chemistry - I bought this body mist with my best friend on a impulse, but boy do I not regret it. The notes are magnolia, dragon fruit and Sugared vanilla. I don't smell th vanilla, but the other 2 notes pair beautifully. This has a fun and super fresh scent that I just love. There's a little bit of fruitiness, and then this gorgeous clean cottony magnolia and it's just so nice. The first day I wore it, I got a bunch of compliments about how nice and clean I smell. :)

2. Pansy by Lush - I got this perfume in Italy at a Lush perfume library they had there, and I just love it. The notes are bergamot, orange blossom and geranium. It starts off as a brighter scent and then mellows into this beautiful warm floral. It lasts wonderfully and is a must have.

3. The Blanc by Solinotes - This perfume I got for Hanukkah, so thank you mom and dad. The notes are bergamot, sage, white tea, and white musk. This one is amazing! Its smells soooo clean and just like you got right out of the shower. 10/10

That's it for today guys! See you next week!

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