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Full Moon Ritual

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm going to being sharing my full moon ritual. The full moon's spirtual benefits are related to releasing what no longer serves you, reflecting, recharging, and setting intentions. Let's get into how I take relax and soak up the moonlight.

  1. Shower and Skincare - I like to start off by washing the day away and practicing some self care. While in the shower, I start to think about what I want to let go of. I also put on a face mask to further set the mood.

  2. Full Moon Guided Meditation - Then I meditated to clear my head. The meditation I did also had some good full moon affirmations. This is the best way to start any moon ritual.

  3. Preparing Moon Water - After that, I prepared some water to put out to soak up the moonlight so I can drink it in the morning.

  4. Journaling - The first part of my journaling for the full moon I wrote down everything that is no longer serving me that I want to let go of.

  5. Releasing it - Then I tore it into little pieces and burned it. (safley). As the smoke goes up into the universe, I am letting go of everything that I wrote down.

  6. Journaling Part 2 - The second part of my journaling I write down affirmations, intentions, and what I'm proud of.

  7. Ending the night - to relax I also....

- stretched

-had a yummy smoothie


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