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Life Changing Healthy Habits & Self Care Tips

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog and welcome to today's post. Today we're going to be taking a deep dive into some healthy baits and self care tips that can change your life. Your habits and the way you take care of yourself makes up your days, months, and years, so why not make them good ones? Let's get into it!

Body & Fitness -

First off, let's talk about your body. Obviously, fitness is one the healthiest habits out there. Exercising is not only good for your physical health, but it is known to actually make you happier as well as stronger or whatever your workout goals are. I will be making a week of workouts soon, so stay tuned for that. Of course, you're fitness regimen is pointless without fuel. Make sure you are eating full, balanced, and protein rich meals and i feel like a hypocrite saying this, drink water. Now, this is one habit I am still working on. I have never been someone who easily drinks a ton of water, but I know it is super important. Next, another thing that's really important is how you take care of and pamper your skin, hair, ect. One thing that's been a habit for me for over a year is my weekly pamper sessions. I will either take a bath, or sometimes just a shower, where a wash, exfoliate and shave my body, do a face and hair mask, and moisturize all over. This refreshes me for the week ahead (I do it on Sundays) and makes me so good. I would highly recommend doing this whenever you can.

Mind -

Now, let's talk about how you nourish your mind. One of the biggest habits that I have talked about many times is my miracle morning routine. I meditate, say positive affirmations, visualize how I want things to go and journal. This sets me up for the best day possible so please please try something like this. Another thing is reading. Now I have always loved reading, but as things get busier, I have less and less time to read. Now I'm trying to change that. Reading is so good for you, and can be very relaxing. Also, please, please, just go outside. It makes you feel so much better, and especially now that I have chickens, my time outside is truly the best. Lastly, learn a new skill or take time to engage in a hobby you love. Lastly, one skill I have been re-learning is paino. I find it very therapeutic. For hobbies, personally, the blog is a big one, which brings me so much joy, but I also love to sing. Finding hobbies that make you happy and learning how to make time for them is a game changer.

Soul & Emotional Wellness -

Lastly and probably the most important category, let's dive into your emotional wellness and feeding your soul. Firstly, TALK TO PEOPLE! I cannot express how important this is. Whether it's your family or friends, it really helps a lot. What goes hand in hand with this is spending time with friends. Especially if you're an extrovert like me, social interaction is super important. Whether it's online or in person, make plans with people who make you feel good! I always feel so much better after I hang out with my friends. The most important thing that I have to say is have fun! Not very day has to be a 6:00 am wake up, then gym, then work, ect. It's all about balance, and that is the biggest thing you can implement in your life.

Ok guys that's all the tips I have for you. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share, And I'll see you next weekend.

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