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My Tips for School and Work - The Productivity Diaries Episode 2

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. The back to school season is settling down, and motivation is fizzling out. Now it's time more than ever to find strategies to be as productive as possible. Here are my tips!

  1. Space! Make sure your space, whether it is an office, your desk, or your room, is neat. I know for me, I'm so much more efficient if my work space is clean. Another thing is never work in your "relax" space, so for example, don't work on your bed, your couch, ect. Also, if your space looks nice and is aesthetically pleasing to you, I find it just makes working in it more fun

2. Fuel your body! You can't work on an empty tank. Make sure you have a good snack and DRINK WATER! Studies show that it is actually a lot harder to work if you are dehydrated.

3. Balance out your load. Work strategically! For example, if you have no homework one night, but a project due in a week, and you know you'll have a lot to do the next day, work on on it that day! Never save it for the day that you'll have extra to do.

4. Take a break! You will get more done if you don't work non-stop. When you take a break though, set a timer! I can not tell how many times I've gotten distracted on a break and the 5 minutes turn into 30.

That's all my tips for today! Hope that maybe helped you out, and you enjoyed! Don't forget to like, subscribe and I'll see next week!

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