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My Trip to Vermont & The Adiorondacks

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Easter weekend if you celebrate. Today I'm back with something i'm super excited for, the recap of my spring break trip. Let's get into it.

Ok, now for a little backstory. My dad grew up on the east coast, and i've always been intrigued by it. Recently, we have been looking into the possibility of eventually buying property there, to serve as a both a vacation home, and a bit of an escape from California's blazing summers and awful smoke season. So for Spring Break, my dad and I got on a plane and headed to Burlington Vermont. Here's how the trip went.

Day 1 : (morning after flying in) Burlington ----> Lake Placid

This morning we woke up pretty early and got bundled up. Throughout our trip we kind of went through 3 seasons. (Vermont was having a bit of a moment). The first day, the low was in the upper teens and it slowly inched up to the 20s. This kinda of cold was a new experience for me, and we were having fun with it. After going outside and realizing how cold 19 degrees feels with a wind chill, we ended up walking to North Face to get gloves before getting food at August First, where we sat and had a delicious breakfast. After that, we continued walking around town and hit the Soda Plant, which you guessed it, used to be a soda plant. Today it is filled with art, work spaces, a brinery, and a few food/drink places. We went into Tomgirl, which has juices, smoothies, bowls, and various other health food. This place was absolutley fantastic, and I fueled up with a great smoothie before we headed to a super cool local art shop. Afterwards, we hit the road (and car ferry over Lake Champlain), and started to driving to our next destination, Lake Placid. The mountains were absolutley gorgeous. We walked around a little town, which was deserted but adorable where we got lunch before heading to our hotel.

Day 2 : Exploring around Lake Placid

The next day we woke up, got coffee/matcha after breakfast and took a walk around the lake. It was so pretty, and the lake houses were so gorgeous. We definetley got to see what the more expensive, fancy part of this area looked like. It was super cool and a nice walk, even if it wasn't what we were looking for in terms of property. Then we explored 2 other lake towns, which were very pretty, but didn't particularly stick out to us. After a great luch in a little gem in Tupper Lake, we headed home to relax.

Day 3 - Keene Valley to Middlebury VT

Then we headed to Keene Valley, where it reached 60 degrees! (which felt like summer in comparision) and did the most breathtaking hike up this mountain to roaring brook falls. It was so amazing. We liked Keene Valley a lot. After that we took another car ferry back to vermont and drove to our adorable inn in Middlebury. We went out for a delicious dinner, and called it a day.

Day 4 - Exploring Middlebury and Waitsfield

This day we got up and walked around the town, which was so cool. Once we hit the road, we were definetley in the idyllic vermont countryside. We traveled trough ski country, to the quaint town of Waitsfield. This area looks exactly like you would the heart of Vermont would like , complete with it's own covered bridge. It was gorgeous, and one of our favorite areas we saw. We headed back to the airport after a few food stops. It was a great way to end the trip.

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