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Rose Body Care Routine

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm going to be doing a rose body care routine. Rose is a scent very close to my heart. It was my first full set I got when I started building my body care collection, and of course, my middle name is literally rose! No wonder I love it so much. With out further ado, let me tell you what I use. Enjoy!

1. Andalou Naturals 100 Rose Body Wash - this smells just like rose petals! It lathers very nicely and I love the way this makes my skin feel.

2. Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Body Scrub - I love Tree hut body scrubs, and this one will always be one of my all time favorites. This one has a looser consistency, but i still love the way it exfoliates. (i only scrub 2x a week). Of course, the best part about this is the fresh, sweet rose smell. So good!

3. Body Shop British Rose Body Yogurt - This i got on an impulse but it definitely paid off. This has a very unique gel - like consistency that melts into your skin. The scent is to die for, a very bright, fresh rose petal scent and this goes perfectly with this routine;

4. Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume - This perfume is the perfect cherry on top for this whole routine and goes beautifully with the lotion. This scent really lasts, so you'll be smelling like a rose garden all day.

Alright everybody that's it for today! If you enjoyed make sure you like this post and subscribe if you haven't already. Bye!

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