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Summer Afternoon In My Life

Hey guys welcome back to the blog! Today i vlogged a super summery afternoon in my life. I got a bunch of blog work done, hung out with the chickens, read, ate good food, berry picked, and swam! Here are my tips to have a productive and fun afternoon. I know a lot times afternoons go to waste, and I’m trying to change that!

1. Power through your work - I know that once it starts getting later in the day, at least for me, my motivation levels go down. After lunch, take some time to relax and digest if you can, but make sure to set a timer. Then go back over your to do list that you hopefully already made, and keep going! It’s always better if you just start.

2. Get outside! - take advantage of the beautiful summer air! Take a walk, or just eat outside! Getting fresh air can re-energize you help you appreciate the moment.

3. Eat! Have a good, balanced, filling lunch and don’t forget to snack if you get hungry!

4. Drink water! I know this is super cliche, but especially when it’s hot, it’s so important to hydrate. Dehydration actually is the main cause of fatigue, particularly later in the day.

5. Do something you love! Make sure you incorporate at least one thing thing you just love doing. I personally love to hang out with the chickens, swim, and sign, so it was so nice to do all of that in one afternoon. Or you could something as simple as watch your favorite show or read. Whatever makes happy.

Alright everybody that’s all my tips for today! Don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven’t already. And feel free to share this blog with your friends and family. Bye!

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