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Sunday Reset

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today we are talking about the importance of reseting for a new eek. This allows me to start the week in a fresh mindset and recharge. Here are my esssentiasl:

  1. Wake up when it feels good - sometimes it will be 6, sometimes 8.

  2. Morning routine - it always sets me up for a good day and is just such a great part of my routine. I make sure to journal about things to reflect on the past week.

  3. Good breakfast

  4. Clean my space - makes me feel so much less stressed and it makes a huge differnence

  5. Take care of skin

  6. Get something done!

  7. Spend time outside

  8. Rest

  9. Do something I love - bullet journaling

  10. Spend time with family - this day I got frozen yogurt :)

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