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A Reset Night in my Life - How I Relax and Recharge

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog, and welcome to today's post. Today I'm going to be sharing with you my routine on nights where I need to recharge my batteries and taking you along on a night in my life. Let's get into it!

To start off, I like to get any work I have to do done so it's out of my way. On this night, I just had some blog posts to write, but unfortunately, this sometimes, (usually) means homework :/ I always feel so much better if I can check those last things off my to do list. Then I will make sure my space is a relaxing and pleasurable space to be in. I lit a candle and turned on some nice lights in room, and then took some time to admire the Christmas decorations. Before dinner, I took some time to read. Then it was time to fuel my body! On that night we had a delicious dinner of salmon and risotto.

Then, I headed up stairs for the true reset portion. I didn't do a miracle morning earlier, so I did a mircake night routine. Usually I just journal on nights like this, but once in awhile I like to do the whole thing. Once I'm feeling calm and collected, I got a yummy and healthy snack and crawled into bed to really wind down. Usually I'll watch a show or a video, tonight it was a Youtube video from one my favorite farm content creators. Before going to bed, I'll usually shower, but that day I did that earlier so I just do my skincare routine and brushed my teeth. Then I got to bed early with my battery at 100%.

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