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Back To School Outfit Ideas

Hey y’all! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m super excited to share with you my first fashion post! I’m going to be showing you guys some back to school outfit ideas. Hopefully this can maybe inspire a few of my friends who have already gone back to school and are subscribed to the blog, and for the rest of you, just enjoy!

  1. Black Wrap Tee & Blue Plaid Skirt - I love this outfit so much! I love how simple the black top is but it still has those cute little details. The skirt is pretty and really comfy and stretchy, which is always a plus. I will definitely be wearing this on the first day of school. So excited to wear this!

2. Green Wrap Tee & Jeans! Any outfit with a cute shirt and jeans will always be perfect for early fall and the school year in general. The top is the same as the last, just in a super cute olive green colour. The jeans i paired with this are super comfy and pretty simple. I also love the small rips, because they aren't too big, but it adds a little detail to the simple outfit. I will also probably wear this outfit with some jean shorts on hot days.

3. Blue Floral Tank Top & Jean Shorts - Around here, "fall" can still be pretty warm, so its always good to have some warmer weather outfits up your sleeve. This tank is really soft, but has some nice little details. I don't have a picture, (taken off the store website) but I would pair this with some blue or black jean shorts.

4. Red Floral Dress - I personally love dresses, and one of my resolutions was to have the confidence to wear them to school. It is definitely a little traumatizing to have that one person be like, "Wooowww why are you soooo dressed up?", I know it will be fine in the end and I won't regret wearing what I want. This one is so pretty and I will be wearing it all the time, including picture day. (tip: bright colours like red are great for pictures because it stands out more.) I love the floral and little tie details on this dress.

5. White Tank & Blue Floral Skirt - Time to break out another skirt! This one is so cute and flouncy and is just such a twirly little skirt. It's super cute with a white shirt, and is a simple but great outfit. It's also a super breezy skirt so it's great for hot days, but you can paired it with a little sweater or cardigan when it gets cold.

6. Light Blue Wrap Dress - I love this dress so much! I'm super into the wrap design and i love the little cinch and tie details on the sides, along with the layering. I also love the little yellow in the flowers, and looks so cute with some sneakers.

7. White Tank & Pink/Purple Flare Pants - Last but FAR from least we're re - wearing the white tank and pairing it with some adorable statement pants. I am so obsessed with this, and I am pumped to wear it to school. These pants are so fun and unique, and look amazing with a white or black shirt.

That's all the outfits for today! Don't forget to like subscribe, and share, and for the people in school, let's make it a great one.

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