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Cozy Coffee Body Care Routine

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my cozy coffee body care routine.

- Oat Milk Latte Body Wash by Native : This is the perfect coffee scent, the cofee note is strong, but it’s balanced perfectly by the creaminess of the “oat milk”. Native body washes are so great in general. They larger well but are nice and moisturizing.

- Cup of Coffee By Lush- This is technically a face and body mask, but its cofee grounds make it a great body scrub. I would say this is less exfoliating than tree hut but I love it for a quick little polish. This scrub smells like straight up coffee grounds, which I love but if you don’t coffee, this won’t be your scrub.

- For my lotion I use my hempz vanilla lotion because it is nice and light, but pairs really well with this routine

- Vanilla Sky by Skylar: This is such a gorgeous coffee and vanilla scent. It has notes of Cappuccino, Pure Vanilla, and Caramelized Cedar. This is not just a vanilla scent. You get that warm sweet vanilla, that deep coffee ground, and then that crisp cedar note that balances everything. 10/10

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