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How To Make 2022 The Best Year

Hey everyone! Happy new year! Hope you had a great holiday season. Today I’m going to be giving my tips and advice about how to reset, reflect and set goals. Let’s get into it!

Reflect on the past year -

First, it’s important to look back at the past year and think about what made things good and what made things not so good. Then from there you can realize what makes you happy and what you want to bring into the next year and what you want to leave behind.

Set Goals -

Next we’re going to set goals. Make goals and resultions that are achievable so you can actually do them as the year goes on. I like to make goals in categories (school, personal, career…..) this way you can be more specific about what you want. It’s super important to also write down the steps of how you are going to get there. When you now where you are going and how to get there, it’s so much easier.

Vision Board

Another thing you can do to inspire yourself is to create a vision board that relates to your goals and the energy you want for the year. Make it your Lock Screen or put it up in your house so you can be reminded of what you are to do.

Cut Out Negativity -

Although there are some things that we cant control, for what we can, its impritant to cut out negativte people or things in your life that are bringing us down. If you cant control it, change your mindset about it.

Also, look in yourself and think about things you want to work on, whether it be negative self talk, being judgmental ect…. This is perhaps the most important step for self growth.

Lessons Learned - My Advice

- self growth doesn’t happen overnight. You need to realize that it will take time to do whatever you trying to do. Don’t give up just because everything doesn’t get better over night. Keep working and you make it there eventually

- discipline over motivation : right now a lot of people are feeling very motivated to reach there goals and stick to their plan. But you will not always be motivated, so it’s impotant to build routine as discipline, so on the days you don’t want to go to the gym or journal or do anything, you still do it because it’s habit. It’s the people who can get stuff done on their bad days that will succeed quicker.

- don’t take life so seriously : with all of this being said, don’t forget to just relax and have fun. Go see friends, do something spontaneous. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s all about balance.

Alright that’s it for today. If you enjoyed like and share and subscribe if you haven’t already. Happy 2022!

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