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Pineapple Body Care Routine

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog and welcome to today's post I'm officially on summer vacation, so I will have lot's on fun content coming up. I"m having issues with my video on SHC, so I will get that up as soon as possible, but it will probably be tommorow. Today I'm sharing a body care routine that is perfect the hot weather. Let's get into it.

Body Wash - Salted Pineapple by Ulta Beauty

It's very exciting that ulta's body care line is cruelty free, because wow do they have a lot of options. This one smells so unique and good, just like pineapple juice and I love the way it makes my skin feel.

Body Scrub - Tree Hut Pineapple Sugar Scrub - I quite a collecter of these body scrubs and I was so excited when this scrub came out. This is probably one of my favorites, it just smells exactly like pineapple and of course exfoliates so well.

Lotion - Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon - I got this lotion last summer so it has so many good memories attached to it. I got again this summer and smells just and fruity and yummy as remembered. It's a nice light lotion for the summer, but still moiturizing.

Frangrance - Ulta Salted Pineapple Body Mist - This one matches my body wash and has that same amazing airy, fruity scent. This is the most perfect scent for summer and actually lasts pretty well.

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